Procter & Gamble

Manufacturing of 2ea Mix Drum

Procter & Gamble

Client : Procter & Gamble

Location : USA

Starting Date : 01.11.2021

Completion Date : -

Job Describtion :  Manufacturing of 2ea Mix Drum

Sector Type : Chemical Industry

Product Type : Process Equipment

Project Details :

Mechanical Design,
Shop Drawings,
Procurement of; SS304, SS316, S237JR, CK45 and  special materials.
Fabrication of Mix Drum including; Hoppers, Outlet, Drum, Back Hood, Scrapper, Perfume Lance, Nonionic Lance, Air Lance, Frame, Main Gear on Drum, Drive Section, Wheels, Protection Cover for Chain
Pickling & Passivation,
Hydrostatic Test,
Fabrication Acceptance Test,