Quality System

The goal of quality controls at all stages of the production at Günak is to identify nonconformities as early as possible, to resolve them and avoid repeating of these errors. All employees are encouraged to identify nonconformities along with the independent Quality Control Department.

Quality control operations which are applied at fabrication phases of a product are performed by qualified personnel using calibrated measuring and test equipments, and these operations are filed in the product's quality file.

Order : Customer's specification shall be reviewed for compliance with applicable standards. If there are conflicts between this specification and applicable standards, these shall be resolved before proceeding further.

Planning : After each order from the customer, Günak prepares a unique Fabrication Plan for the project and revises its general fabrication programme. According to this Fabrication Plan, an Inspection and Test Plan shall be prepared by the Quality Control Department, where Hold and Witness Points are indicated for relevant fabrication stages.

Design : In cases where design is also included in Günak's scope, Günak Design Team designs in parallel to the requested standards and tolerances. In cases where the design has been prepared by the customer or his assignee, it shall be checked for compliance with the related standards. The goal of this control is identifying the nonconformities -if any- prior to procurement and fabrication processes.

Material Order : The materials needed for fabricating the confirmed design are ordered by the Purchasing Department.

Material : All materials entering Günak's stock are to be checked by the Quality Control department. Use of inappropriate materials is prevented by separating these materials to the Rejected Goods Area. Coded numbers assigned to material at receiving stage provide traceability of the material and stops confusion during fabrication phase.

Surface Preparation : Material's surface shall be prepared prior to fabrication, if needed. Surface of the material shall be sandblasted with a roughness quality of SA 2 ½ or SA 3 according to customer's specs. Corrosive defects are avoided by applying an epoxy shop primer, 25 µm thick,unless required otherwise by the customer.

Cutting and Forming : Visual and dimensional checks shall be conducted after cutting and forming operations for compliance with design drawings and tolerances.

Fit-up : Dimensions of the constructed item shall be checked after fit up has been completed. The weld bevels shall be inspected before welds can be made. Prior to welding, especially for complex items, welding plans are prepared to minimize distortion and residual stress.

Welding : Weldings at Günak is performed by qualified welders and/or welding operators using WPSs, which are prepared for different materials and welding processes. Nondestructive examination methods shall be applied to completed welds by qualified personnel.

Heat Treatment : If requested by the customer or when the design calculations require doing so, heat treatment shall be applied to the product in accordance with Günak's procedure.

Performance Tests : After the completion of the fabrication, function tests shall be applied conformance with the type of the product. After the test, performance test report shall be prepared and filed in the job quality file.

Painting : After all satisfactory test and controls, the product shall be painted complying with the customer's requests. Dry film thickness shall be measured and reported.

Packaging : The completed products ready for transportation are controlled for proper packaging. Related stamps are applied if requested and the requirements are met.