Completed Projects

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North Iraq (Khabat Project)

Fabrication of pressure vessels

Consolidated Contractors Company

6 each field tank fabrication


Renovation of heat tracing system of LNG tanks

Tecnicas Reunidas

Manufacturing of CDU & VDU Heaters

Shell & Turkas Petrol A.Ş.

Design, manufacturing and installation of kettle

Emerson Automation Solutions

Base Oil Metering Skid Fabrication

Emerson Automation Solutions

Manufacturing of a metering skid

Ege Gaz A.Ş.

Site Erection of Natural Gas Metering Skid


LPG Chloride Threater Drum for Izmit Refinery

Modül Çelik

Fabrication of Steam Superheater

Areva NC

Fabrication of 31 each Caissons

Aksed - Kortaş - Sega Partnership

Fabrication of 6 ea. pressurized equipments

Tecnicas Reunidas

Fabrication of Hot Air Ducts

Linde Gaz

Installation of Nitrogen Generation Unit for Tüpraş İzmit Refinery