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  • Izmit Bay Suspension Bridge - Tower welding works, Fabrication of 4 each Anchor Frames, Tower Crane Support Structure, and 228 each Doors / Hatches

  • Evyap Soap Malaysia - total 90,000 m3 capacity tank farm fabrication and erection (52 ea. stainless steel, 16 each carbon steel tanks)

  • Procter & Gamble’s global supplier

  • Turn-key construction of Extraction, Refinery and Solvent buildings of Ashkhabad Oil Plant.

  • Fabrication of rocker link, wind tongue, 120 each lower gusset plates, main rope stanchion, inner tower handrails; replacement of hanger plates; replacement of expansion joints for 1st and 2nd Bosphorus Bridges

  • Unilever - fabrication of spray tower and 104 each stainless steel process equipment fabrication

  • Fabrication and erection of aluminum melting and holding furnaces

  • Fabrication of pressure vessels in the scope of ASME

  • Günak has provided services & products to 32 countries.

  • Günak aims to provide the highest quality products & services to his international clients.

About Günak

Günak is specialized in the design, manufacturing and erection of the high quality, tailor made process equipments that are used in industrial plants. More

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